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Real Humans of Rochester Simon’s MBA Class of 2022

Anthony Galvan, Simon MBA Class of 2022

Age: 26 
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Undergraduate Institution and Major: University of Rochester, Bachelor of Arts in Business
Pre-MBA Work Experience (years, industry): I worked in financial services for four years. I served primarily in Credit Risk and Business Management functions.

Why business school? Why now?
Business school was always an interest of mine, especially since I had the opportunity to build relationships with students and faculty (at Simon) while I was an undergraduate. My initial reasons for pursuing the MBA were to become the first person in my family with an advanced degree and to serve in a similar capacity to those who had mentored me when I was 19 years of age. I remember having conversations as a sophomore regarding Simons 3+2 program and being encouraged by many to enter the labor market first.

After a few years in the financial services industry, I realized that my interests lied in a front-office role where I could help clients achieve their goals. I knew 2020 while challenging was the year for me to return to school and make the career pivot.

Why Rochester Simon? What factors figured most prominently into your decision of where to attend?
Frankly, this was the easiest part of my decision. I had an amazing undergraduate experience here at the University of Rochester and I was able to build lifelong connections with previous classes of the Simon Business School. In addition to the experiences and culture, I was sold by the quantitative focus of the school, the class size, and the fact that many alumni have been successful in securing opportunities in my field of choice.

What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to the Class of 2022?
I hope that over the course of the next two years, I can continue to serve and help my classmates realize their goals. I am grateful to the Consortium, MLT, and the Robert Toigo Foundation for the opportunities they have provided me. I hope to help increase the Simon representation in these spaces.

We really have something special at Simon and my goal is to continue to contribute to that.

Fun fact that didn’t get included on your application? 
A fun fact I did not get to include on my application is that on my first ever golf outing I made a 15-foot putt from the edge of the green.

Post-MBA career interests? 
I am interested in becoming an Investment Banker

Advice to current prospective applicants:
–One thing you would absolutely do again as part of your application process?
One thing I would absolutely do again is apply to schools, organizations, and jobs that might seem like a long shot. You would be surprised how many people limit their opportunities by applying limits to themselves.

–One thing you would change or do differently?       
Personally, I would start the process earlier. Running tight on the deadlines is an additional stress that could be avoided by acting early.

–Part you would have skipped if you could—and what helped you get through it?
While there is part of me that believes the process could be made easier, I don’t think I would have skipped anything. The reason I say this is because many of my essays (while time-consuming) allowed me to reflect and speak about my passions and goals. Many of the points I used in the essays I have built upon and used in interviews or coffee chats with practitioners. While it might not always be clear, I think there is something to be learned from different parts of the process.

What is your initial impression of Rochester Simon’s students/culture/community?
This question for me goes back to 2012 when I enrolled at the University of Rochester. What I noticed back then about Simon’s students was a strong focus on community and building each other up. My first experiences go back to organizations like the Minority Male Leadership Association, where as undergraduates we engaged heavily with students and faculty at Simon. I would play basketball with many of the students in the evenings and they would probe me with questions about what I wanted to do in life as we would walk to grab dinner at the dining halls.

This was my experience and returning in 2020 as an MBA candidate, while certainly different due to the COVID-19 implications, I want to have a similar impact on the community.

One thing you have learned about Rochester Simon that has surprised you? 
I really enjoy that as Simon students we really are focused on maximizing the experience and succeeding through the program as a “team.” The program is challenging and competitive, but no one is looking to succeed by sacrificing peers. If anything, there is an incentive to help others.

Thing you are most anxious about in your first year?
COVID-19 has rocked what normal used to be. I am most anxious about the uncertainty and long-term impacts that may result from the pandemic.

Thing you are most excited about in your first year?
I am excited to formally meet all my classmates at some point in the first year. The virtual experience is great given the circumstances, but the tangible/ in-person experiences are what I am most excited about.

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