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Real Humans of the Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2023

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We are excited to kick off Real Humans: MBA Students with the Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2023. In this annual series, new MBA students provide firsthand insights into the academic and student life at their leading business schools.

Michigan Ross welcomed 398 students to the Class of 2023. Forty-six percent of the new group are women and 28 percent are international. Thirty-six percent identify as U.S. students of color. During their undergraduate years, the Ross MBA Class of 2023 averaged a GPA of 3.53. Forty-two percent had majored in business, 32 percent in STEM and 28 percent in humanities.

When it came time to take the GMAT, Ross students’ average score landed at 722 and the middle 80 percent ranged from 690 to 760. For those who took the GRE, both quant and verbal scores came in at an average of 160.

The Ross MBA Class of 2023 averages five years of work experience. Nearly a quarter come from a consulting background while 13 percent come from education/non-profit/government work. Eleven percent had jobs in finance prior to the MBA and another eight percent came from healthcare. Four percent each came from automotive/transportation or the consumer goods field. Others had work in engineering, the military and other industries.

Click through the next pages to meet new members of the Ross MBA Class of 2023, as they share their profiles and perspectives.

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