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Dec 7, 2021

Chicago Booth Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

Booth Interview Questions: 1. Introduce yourself. 2. Career goals & Why MBA? 3. Why Booth? 4. A situation where you brought people together. 5. A situation where you pushed forward an idea. 6. A situation where you changed your perspective. 7. A situation where you realized you need help. 8.... Read more »

Dec 7, 2021

Indiana Kelley’s Midwestern Location & Culture Has Global Appeal

The Kelley MBA Program attracts students from all over the country and world—and of course, the Midwest—and prepares them for career opportunities across the US and abroad. In addition to its national rankings—#18 in the US (Financial Times, 2021) and exceptional career services—#6 in the world (Financial Times, 2021), students... Read more »

Dec 7, 2021

Real Humans of the Chicago Booth MBA Class of 2023

Get to know Chicago Booth’s MBA Class of 2023 in this edition of our ongoing series, Real Humans: MBA Students. The latest MBA class at Chicago Booth is comprised of 620 students. Forty-two percent of the class are women. Students hail from 56 countries overall and 39 percent of students... Read more »

Dec 6, 2021

Episode 202: Wire Taps—Global Citizen in the Food Delivery Biz. Japanese-based candidate in Private Equity. ORM with super GPA, is Round 2 going to hurt?

As decisions for Round 1 candidates begin to roll out, Alex and Graham discuss the activity seen on MBA LiveWire last week (Booth, LBS and Yale SOM).  They also cover this upcoming week, with Harvard and Stanford decisions leading the way. Graham also notes the new adcom Q&A with David... Read more »

Dec 6, 2021

The Week Ahead: MBA Interview Invitations & Decisions, December 6-10, 2021

Welcome back to the series, The Week Ahead, in which we provide a brief rundown of what is happening in MBA admissions this week and every week! Round 1 is nearly complete. Round 1 decisions are rolling out! Tuesday, December 7, INSEAD is scheduled to release its Round 2 interview... Read more »

Dec 6, 2021

Calling All Admits: Share Your Journey on Clear Admit’s MBA DecisionWire

We’d like to offer hearty congratulations to all who gained admission to their top choices and encourage you to share which business school you plan to attend in 2022. MBA DecisionWire was designed to let MBA applicants, students and alumni share more information with their peers—specifically about where they decide to... Read more »

Dec 5, 2021

INSEAD Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Zoom

Walk me through your resume. Why MBA? Why MBA now? Why INSEAD? My short and long term goal? Leadership experience? A time I had an uncomfortable conversation at work? (This got me off guard) He noticed I had a prior masters 9 years ago and kept grilling me on my... Read more »

Dec 3, 2021

Georgetown McDonough Dispels Common Myths for Women Pursuing an MBA

Sponsored Content Women belong in business and the Georgetown McDonough School of Business supports women every step of the way through their MBA programs. But, what are some common concerns for women pursuing an MBA? In this piece, Georgetown McDonough MBA students dispel the myths that may hold women back... Read more »

Dec 2, 2021

UPenn Wharton Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Second-Year Students / Zoom

I participated in a team-based discussion with five other applicants. Two second-year students served as the facilitators. Immediately after the discussion, the facilitators created break-out rooms; they each met 3 participants for a 10-minute interview. The questions were standard for everyone. I know this because we (prospective students) discussed our... Read more »

Dec 2, 2021

Rice Jones Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

Only five main questions asked (follow up questions in brackets): Why MBA? (Asked if I know what companies/positions) Why Rice? (added questions of if I’ve visited campus, talked to students) How will I decide between the schools I am given acceptances to? How will I contribute to the school? (asked... Read more »

Dec 2, 2021

Berkeley Haas Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumna / Zoom

Interviewed in early November. As background, you get to pick an interview date and time, then you get an email with the interviewer name. You reach out to your interviewer, decide what technology platform (Google/Teams/Zoom) to use and then you set up the interview. In the interview, was asked to... Read more »

Dec 2, 2021

Texas McCombs Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alum / Zoom

Rather standard interview, all the usual questions. (Not in this exact order): Walk through resume/professional experience. Why MBA? Why now? Short term/Long term goals? Strength and weakness in application? What did you learn about yourself from the application process? Plan B if goals don’t work out? DEI question of what... Read more »

Dec 2, 2021

CMU Tepper Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

I interviewed in mid-October. It was conversational and she was easy to talk to and put me at ease. She started off letting me know this was to get to know my professional background better and that it was a blind interview, she only had my resume. The questions were... Read more »

Dec 2, 2021

Real Humans of the CEIBS MBA Class of 2023

This edition of Real Humans: MBA Students takes us to Shanghai, China, to meet the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) MBA Class of 2023. 120 students matriculated in the CEIBS MBA Class of 2023. Half are women and 38.3 percent are international students, representing 21 countries. During their undergraduate... Read more »

Dec 1, 2021

Admissions Director Q&A: David Simpson of London Business School

Welcome to another edition of our Admissions Director Q&A series, featuring David Simpson of London Business School. There, David is Recruitment and Admissions Director for the MBA and Masters in Finance (MiF) programmes. He has been with the school for 25 years, starting in admissions, moving through various roles in... Read more »

Nov 30, 2021

Real Humans of Northwestern Kellogg’s MBA Class of 2023

New members of the MBA Class of 2023 at Northwestern Kellogg are here to share their insights into admissions, what they love about the Kellogg community and more in this edition of Real Humans: MBA Students. 508 students matriculated in the Kellogg MBA Class of 2023. Nearly half, 49 percent,... Read more »

Nov 29, 2021

The Week Ahead: MBA Admissions Decisions, November 29-December 3, 2021

Welcome back to the series, The Week Ahead, in which we provide a brief rundown of what is happening in MBA admissions this week and every week! Round 1 decisions begin. Round 1 decisions are beginning to roll out, as some programs continue to interview their Round 1 candidates. Wednesday,... Read more »

Nov 29, 2021

Forté Foundation Celebrates Record Women’s MBA Enrollment on 20th Anniversary

The Forté Foundation is kicking off its 20th anniversary by celebrating the findings of its most recent research report. In the fall of 2021, women’s MBA enrollment reached 41%, exceeding the 40% milestone the foundation had been hoping would be met in 2020.   Forté’s research has revealed impressive gains in... Read more »

Nov 29, 2021

Episode 201: Wire Taps—Deferred Candidate with Cannabis Biz! Should They Aim Higher? Is the GRE Score the Outlier?

Graham and Alex provide key advice in this week’s podcast episode of Wire Taps. First up, a deferred candidate in their junior year appears to be doing everything right in terms of academic performance, campus leadership and entrepreneurship. They’ve still got to ace the test, but is their Cannabis business... Read more »

Nov 26, 2021

Fridays from the Frontline: Yale SOM Students Share What They’re Thankful For

In the spirit of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, student leaders at the Yale School of Management shared what they’re thankful for. We share the first four in this Fridays from the Frontline, but you can see the full list here. What I’m Thankful For We asked some of our... Read more »


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