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May 2, 2022

Wire Taps 231—China-based entrepreneur, with a 333 GRE. Greek candidate, sports background, no undergrad. Canadian engineer, maybe aim high.

This episode of the Clear Admit MBA podcast kicks off with Alex and Graham discussing the Round 3 decisions that are starting to roll out, noting how it’s a much shorter cycle than the prior rounds with rapid turnarounds. Graham then highlights several 'Real Humans: Alumni' pieces, including a CMU... Read more »

Apr 29, 2022

Fridays from the Frontline: Tuckies’ Reflections from the 2022 HBS Africa Business Conference

The MBA community transcends school borders, as many programs host conferences or events that welcome students from different schools. In this edition of Fridays from the Frontline, two Dartmouth Tuck MBA students (aka Tuckies) recount their experience attending Harvard Business School's Africa Business Conference. Reflections from the 2022 HBS Africa... Read more »

Apr 29, 2022

Real Humans of BCG: Sarah Doyle, Cornell Johnson MBA ’20, Consultant

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has more than 90 offices in over 50 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa; in this edition of Real Humans: Alumni, we hear from Sarah Doyle, Cornell Johnson MBA '20, who pursued a summer internship with BCG in the D.C. area... Read more »

Apr 28, 2022

Real Humans of Google: Chris Ouayoro, USC Marshall MBA ’20, Sr. Financial Analyst

In this edition of Real Humans: Alumni, Chris Ouayoro, USC Marshall MBA '20, provides insights into the work culture at Google, how the MBA readied him to contribute to the tech giant, and much more about his journey to becoming a senior financial analyst there. Chris Ouayoro, USC Marshall MBA... Read more »

Apr 27, 2022

Michigan Ross MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Zoom

I was interviewed by an alum - I am unsure of how Ross pairs up interviewers / interviewees, but I was luckily matched with somebody from my industry and location (leading to seamless conversation starters). My interviewer was engaged and very friendly; the entire process felt like more of a... Read more »

Apr 27, 2022

Stanford MBA Students Host Event to Demystify MBA Experience for Black Undergrads

Stanford GSB MBA students hope to increase diversity in the global MBA applicant pool and equity in the b-school application process with an upcoming workshop for students and young professionals who identify as black. To help demystify the MBA experience, Dream Big Lead Boldly is a free, one-day virtual workshop... Read more »

Apr 26, 2022

Real Humans of BCG: Simon Pannatier, INSEAD MBA ’20, Consultant

Once you make it through the admissions process, there can be many exciting peaks -- seeing "accepted" in the application portal, leaving a job you've outgrown, heading off to a new location and new community to begin the next chapter of your life! The first day of business school is... Read more »

Apr 25, 2022

Wire Taps 230—Enlisted military candidate with a subpar GPA. Military officer with a modest GRE score. Haas ($$) versus Wharton ($) and HBS for tech entrepreneurship.

This week's episode of the podcast offers further details of Alex and Graham's recent trip to London, followed by discussion of all the latest MBA admissions news. In particular, Alex noted this week's application deadline for HBS’s 2+2 program. Graham also highlighted the recent 'Real Humans: Alumni' pieces, including a... Read more »

Apr 25, 2022

The Week Ahead: MBA Decisions & Deadlines, April 25-29, 2022

Welcome back to the series, The Week Ahead, in which we provide a brief rundown of what is happening in MBA admissions this week and every week! Late round deadlines and decisions continue. Late round interview invites will continue to roll out. Monday, April 25, Cambridge / Judge has its... Read more »

Apr 24, 2022

Georgetown McDonough Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Virtual

Invited to interview on 3/2 and completed the interview on 3/8. Initially signed up to interview with an alum, but the system did not register the interview properly and needed to reschedule with a member of the adcom team. The interview was very relaxed and conversational and lasted 30 minutes.... Read more »

Apr 22, 2022

Real Humans of Microsoft: Marcus Morrissette, Cambridge Judge MBA ’17, Customer Success Manager

Microsoft's Office 365 is used by an estimated 1 million companies worldwide. As of early 2022, Microsoft Teams had 145 million active users each day. These software are just a part of Microsoft's Modern Workplace, which is a bundle of services to promote communication, smooth operations, and encourage collaboration within... Read more »

Apr 21, 2022

Real Humans of Google: Karin Bailey, CMU Tepper MBA ’17, Solutions Consultant

Karin Bailey, Carnegie Mellon Tepper MBA ’17, had reached a pivotal point in her career in manufacturing, and she needed to decide to go all-in or switch things up. In this edition of Real Humans: Alumni, Karin talks about how business school empowered many changes, including a switch to tech... Read more »

Apr 20, 2022

UCLA MBA Employment Report Class of 2021: Job Offers Rebound Post-Pandemic

The MBA employment report for the UCLA  Anderson Class of 2021 shows recovery from the pandemic-stricken job market, as job offers bounced back for the latest graduates. Of the 341 graduates of the UCLA Anderson MBA Class of 2021, 302 sought employment. Of those not seeking employment, five percent were... Read more »

Apr 19, 2022

Real Humans of Microsoft: Casey Murphy, HBS MBA ’21, Business Planner

Casey Murphy, HBS MBA '21, made his way through several pre-conceived notions--what others thought about business school, what others thought about his chances to get in, and even what he initially thought about a particular program--to find the yellow brick road to his dream role. At Harvard Business School, he... Read more »

Apr 18, 2022

Wire Taps 229—Airline pilot seeking MBA. Top ORM candidate, needs to apply early. Darden versus Kenan Flagler ($), McCombs ($) and Simon ($).

This week, Graham and Alex tackle a variety of topics, from their meetup in London for a top-secret project to all the latest in MBA admissions news. Graham called attention to Clear Admit’s incentive program for top contributors on the platform and a survey we now have in the field... Read more »

Apr 15, 2022

Real Humans of Microsoft: Jessica Goldberg, Booth MBA ’19 Product Marketing Manager

Chances are, your first interaction with Microsoft was at a desk, on a computer with a monitor that probably seems comically large now, your leg room narrowed by a tower to power up as well as to store data. That tower now functions in the "cloud"--that mystical platform for data... Read more »

Apr 14, 2022

Real Human of Apple: Najma Yakob, NYU Stern MBA ’21, Environmental Program Manager

As this generation faces a climate crisis, Najma Yakob is on the offensive, helping tech giant Apple in their mission to become carbon neutral by 2030. In this edition of Real Humans: Alumni, Najma, NYU Stern MBA '21, talks about how the NYU Stern MBA program empowered her transition to... Read more »

Apr 13, 2022

INSEAD Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

INSEAD R1/ 2 interviews, both with Alumni Location: Virtual and in-person Type of interview: both Alumni, mix of application-based and resume-based Questions asked: Why MBA and Why INSEAD? Tell me a time you worked with someone from a different background/culture from you. Strengths and weaknesses? Tell me a time you... Read more »

Apr 13, 2022

Upcoming Virtual Event Series: MBA Application Overview

You've got your grades and (maybe) your test scores. You've put in the time and effort at work, and have accomplishments and skills to show for it. You're also active and involved in your community. You have the raw materials. So how do you put them together into a compelling... Read more »

Apr 12, 2022

Real Humans of Google: Akshay Sriprasad, Columbia Business School MBA ’20, Product Management

Akshay Sriprasad is on a mission. Multiple missions, in fact. He believes technology can save the world--and you will, too, after reading his story. For Akshay, business leaders have a responsibility to solve the world's greatest problems and an MBA from Columbia Business School added some fuel to this work.... Read more »

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