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Duke Fuqua Announces 2022-2023 MBA Admissions Deadline Changes

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The admissions team at Duke Fuqua announces new Round 3 and Round 4 deadlines for Daytime MBA and Accelerated Daytime MBA applicants.

Typically, Duke Fuqua runs the MBA admissions cycle in four rounds, beginning with Early Action in September and concluding with a Round 3 deadline in March. This season’s Round 2 deadline just wrapped on January 5th and the Round 3 deadline moves up to February 13th. The added Round 4 deadline follows on March 28th.

Allison Jamison,  Asst. Dean of Admissions

In a post to the Duke Daytime MBA Student Blog, Assistant Dean of Admissions Allison Jamison explains, “The past three years have been some of the most unusual in my 17 years at Fuqua. The impact of COVID on our lives was significant. In addition to the pandemic, we face new challenges: geopolitical struggles, rising inflation, large scale layoffs, supply chain disruptions, and more. There’s a lot going on in the world, and a lot of what is happening can feel overwhelming. Our Admissions team feels it is important to acknowledge that context. As a result, we are adding another admission round this year to better support Daytime or Accelerated Daytime MBA candidates who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control—whether it be caring for a sick family member or facing an unexpected layoff.”

The new Round 3 deadline of February 13th will allow international candidates time to process the requisite paperwork for studying in the U.S. To apply for Round 3, applicants need to have a standardized test (GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment) scheduled to be taken by February 28th.

The application will be available by January 13th. See the initial announcement here.

Lauren Wakal
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