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Last Updated Aug 30, 2021 by

Episode 183: Wire Taps—High Bars and Vaulting to Success

The MBA degree can support career goals for a variety of backgrounds, whether from a typical finance/consulting one or something more nontraditional, like sports or entertainment. In this week’s podcast episode of Wire Taps, the three spotlighted applicants are seeking help to maximize their chances of admissions success. The first... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 23, 2021 by

Episode 181: Wire Taps—International Applicants, Military Backgrounds, GMAT Struggles

The applicants featured in our latest podcast episode of Wire Taps have already made some significant journeys, and now have an MBA in their sights. A first-generation Chinese college student is serving in the U.S. military and wants to return to CSR consulting. Another MBA hopeful from India via Canada... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 16, 2021 by

Episode 180: Wire Taps—Supply Chain Standout, Marketing Dreams, Career Goal Question Marks

As more and more applicants post to MBA ApplyWire, Graham and Alex have no shortage of cases to draw upon in this week’s episode of Wire Taps. One applicant works for ‘MBB’ in supply chain operations and aims to stand out in the industry with an MBA. Another applicant has... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 9, 2021 by

Episode 179: Wire Taps—Low GPA, Dual Degree, Creative Arts Success

Welcome to another podcast episode of Wire Taps, in which Graham and Alex discuss MBA admissions strategies for applicants who have posted to MBA ApplyWire. One applicant has dreams of building the leading consulting firm in his home country of Chile, but needs to deal with a low GPA of... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 2, 2021 by

Episode 177: Wire Taps—FinTech Goals, GPA Woes, H-1B Lottery

When you want to apply for an MBA, you need to make sure all of your ducks are in a row. The featured applicants in this week’s podcast episode of Wire Taps have a lot going for them, but need help addressing potential rough patches. One applicant has goals in... Read more »

Last Updated Jul 26, 2021 by

Episode 175: Wire Taps—Low GMATs, Fuzzy Goals, Visa Issues

An MBA can enhance your career progress or help you get a running start on a new path—and that’s exactly what this week’s featured applicants want. In this podcast episode of Wire Taps, Graham and Alex advise three MBA hopefuls looking to achieve career growth or make a career change.... Read more »

Last Updated Jul 19, 2021 by

Episode 173: Wire Taps—Should I Apply Now or Sit This Year Out?

Career goals and application timing are hallmarks of this week’s podcast episode of Wire Taps, as Graham and Alex dig into three MBA hopefuls’ quandaries and dish out related admissions advice. One applicant is seeking help regarding whether she should apply for an MBA this year or get her grounding... Read more »

Last Updated Jul 12, 2021 by

Episode 171: Wire Taps—Is My Undergrad GPA Too Big of a Hurdle?

Graham and Alex are here for another podcast episode of Wire Taps to address all of your b-school admissions concerns. This week, application challenges run the gamut of MBA admissions—from academic history and showing impact at work to deciding which schools to target. Preview the profiles that Alex and Graham... Read more »

Last Updated Jul 5, 2021 by

Episode 170: Wire Taps—Pivoting Industries with the Help of an MBA

An MBA not only helps advance candidates on their current career paths, but also supports wholesale changes in industry and function. In this week’s podcast episode of Wire Taps, Graham and Alex advise three MBA applicants planning on pivoting—from corporate strategy to PE in the restaurant/hospitality domain, from oil &... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 28, 2021 by

Episode 169: Wire Taps—Help! I’m Off the Waitlist after Making Deposits at Another School

MBA applicants and candidates had a lot going on last week, based on entries in MBA ApplyWire and MBA DecisionWire. The first person featured in this week’s Wire Taps podcast has already financially committed to one program—only to be taken off the waitlist at another, higher ranking program!  Should they... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 21, 2021 by

Episode 168: Wire Taps—Big Dreams, Re-applying & Changing Industries

It’s time for another podcast episode of Wire Taps, as Graham and Alex dig into candidates’ profiles shared in MBA ApplyWire. This week’s edition delves into a number of key questions: What should applicants with somewhat informal outside activities do to best position those activities in their applications? How can... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 14, 2021 by

Episode 167: Wire Taps—Older Re-Applicant, Lawyer to MBA, and Investment Banking Goals

It’s time for another podcast episode of Wire Taps!  As the G7 summit invades Alex’s backyard in England, he and Graham still manage to share of host of vital admissions lessons. This week’s show focuses on three MBA applicants who have shared their profiles and challenges in MBA ApplyWire. Preview... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 7, 2021 by

Episode 166: Wire Taps Turns 100!

Alex and Graham are in a celebratory mood as this episode marks the 100th time our hosts have recorded an edition of Wire Taps! To mark the occasion, this show includes audio clips from some of the Wire Taps faithful, facts and figures about the Wire Taps journey to date,... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 2, 2021 by

Episode 165: Meet Ryan Price, Keeper of MBA Secrets

What is MBA student life like—really? Our special guest, Ryan Price (BYU Marriott MBA), joins Graham Richmond to explore the ins and outs of the b-school experience, from admissions to career support and more. Ryan Price, Founder & Host, MBA Secrets Podcast Ryan is the host and founder of the... Read more »

Last Updated May 31, 2021 by

Episode 164: Wire Taps—Aim Higher for Your Target Schools!

This podcast episode of Wire Taps features feedback for three MBA applicants trying to hammer out their roadmap for the coming admissions season. Graham and Alex offer their keen advice to an applicant with goals in tech and consumer goods. Also, an innovation consultant with solid stats sought advice on... Read more »

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