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Kellogg MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Adcom / On Campus

I interviewed with a member of the admissions committee, and although I was only allotted 30 minutes, it ended up to be almost an hour and a half. I know everyone is looking for the type of questions, which is really important in preparation, but the most important factors are really knowing your resume, motivations, why Kellogg, what about Kellogg, and being yourself. The interview started with the basic questions:

  1. walk me through your resume
  2. what are your short term and long term goals.

Before my interview, I really spent a lot of time studying Kellogg and knowing the programs and how they fit with my interests and goals. When we started the interview, I used the information to steer the conversation and head off the questions the ad-com would normally ask such as “why kellogg”. I tied it in by saying my goals and then how kellogg would help me and taking it beyond just why kellogg. By approaching the interview this way, it gives the interviewer an opportunity to think of different questions and get to know you more.