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Kellogg EMBA Admissions Interview Questions: Adcom / On Campus

The EMBA interview is required just like the FT program.

Given the unique requirements of the EMBA programs (8+ years of managerial experience and required company sponsorship) the interview is more to gauge your fit.

AdCom introduction: The AdCom meets to discuss your packet. I am your representative at the AdCom meeting to put your face and interview before the committee. The interview should complete the “picture” of you that we do not gleen from your essays and your resume.


  • What do you currently do? Describe your current position?
  • Talk me through your resume in any order
  • What is the scope of your current role? (this is an essay question for Kellogg EMBA)
  • I mentioned speaking to other student from past EMBA classes. Interviewer asked about what they said and what I learned from them.
  • Asked me if I had any questions
  • Some candidate have 14+ years of experience so how do you think you can contribute to such a senior group of classmates?
  • Where do you see your company going in the next couple years?
  • Is there anything else that you think is unique about you that you’d like the AdCom to know?

Interview took exactly 1 hour. Took a brief tour of the building and saw some classrooms and the cafeteria

Admitted 2 weeks after the interview