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Kellogg MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom and First-year Student / On Campus

My interview was conducted by two people: a Kellogg admissions officer and a first year student who was training to be a part of recruiting. The interview was pretty conversational and the interviewers were very friendly. Here is an overview of the of the questions I was asked:

Background: Associate at a healthcare strategy consulting firm Duration of interview: 30-35 minutes Note: this is not the actual flow of the interview. I have just listed the questions as I remembered them.

  • Your background is very interesting – how come you did not think about medicine. Tell me about yourself and your undergrad and grad school.
  • Career progression from analyst to associate
  • Talk about team experiences and what you have learnt from them?
  • How many people do you supervise?
  • Tell me about a time you experienced team conflict
  • What do you struggle with while managing people?
  • What is one misconception people could have about you?
  • Why do you want to do an MBA now?
  • Why Kellogg?
  • What will you bring to Kellogg?
  • Which other schools have you applied to?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment in your professional career?
  • What is a weakness in your application?
  • What do you love about consulting?

Most of the questions were asked by the admissions officer (80%) and the remaining were asked by the first year student. I would say that you should know your reason for picking Kellog very well as i was asked quite a few questions around my interest at Kellogg. She gave me some time to ask questions – i asked her a couple and then we wrapped up the interview.

Overall, I think you should just be yourself, answer the questions to the point as your answer often leads to the next question.

Most useful resources: clear admit wiki page, clear admit Kellogg interview guide, mock interview with clear admit consultant, and preparing the 5 major questions – resume, career goals, why Kellogg, Why MBA, Why now – well

Good luck to the students who have their interviews lined up over the next few weeks!

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Schools: Northwestern / Kellogg

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