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Cambridge / Judge MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 3 / Adcom / Phone

I was eager apply to Judge primarily because of three factors:

1. The program: With three consulting projects and one year less to spare the program structure appeared to be solid and value for time/money
2. The people: The class size is ~150 with nearly 50 nationalities making it a truly diverse and international program. Not to forget selective too!
3. Cambridge: You can’t discount the Cambridge factor. Its arguably the best university in the world and has a network and history that very few can match.

I interviewed over the phone by a faculty from the School. He introduced himself and we got started with

1. Why MBA at this stage?
2. Short term and long term goal
3. Discussion on the long term goal. I could tell the interviewer was quite intimate with my application and was making an effort to understand me as a person and my vision.
4. Questions on my essays. There was an essay about what you would do to improve your current organisation. we got into a bit of discussion around that and almost like an intellectual exchange (very Cambridge like!)
5. My GMAT was slightly off the mark. Explain what happened?
6. Then there were questions around my essays once again.
7. Chance to ask the interviewer 2-3 questions.

It turned out to be a good experience but being super crisp in a 30 minute sprint is bit of task.

Tips: Know your application and essays fairly well. Not many usual (why Cambridge?) questions. They want to see the program fit, ability to contribute and some sort of vision. Of course, if you are enthusiastic about studying at a university which produced Newton, Darwin, Hawking etc. that’ll probably show up in your answers.

I did hear from Judge in less than a week and was awarded a place on the programme.

Cheers and good luck!

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