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Berkeley / Haas MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 3 / Second-Year student / On-Campus

I was greeted by a 2nd year student to conduct my on-campus interview. The interview was blind, but the interviewer did have a copy of my resume which she had briefly read-over before beginning the interview. They started off by asking me to introduce myself and talk about my resume with a specific focus of my current job/role. After that, she asked me about why I wanted an MBA, what I hoped to do it with, and why specifically I was interested in Haas. After those questions, they began probing into more of the behavioral questions around my working style, she asked about what role I like to play when working in teams, what my managers would say about me (strengths and weaknesses) what my friends would say about me (strengths and weaknesses) Finally, the ended with some Haas specific questions, such as what clubs and organizations I wanted to explore and if I had an idea of what companies I would want to explore in the internship process. Last question was about what accomplishment on my resume was I most proud of? Afterwards, she left some time for me to ask some questions and then the interviewed ended. The entire interview was very conversational and laid back.

– Talk about your resume (focus on current role)
– Why an MBA?
– Why Haas?
– What are you going to do after you get an MBA?
– What role do you play when working on a team?
– What are 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that your manager would say about you?
– What are three words your friends would use to describe you?
– What clubs/orgs are you interested in?
– What companies would you want to intern with?

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