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Chicago Booth MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Alumnus / On campus

I interviewed on 03/09 on campus. It was a Saturday, so the admissions office was closed. There was a seperate room set up for interviews. When I arrived, I checked in and recieved a name tag that also had the name of my interviewer (of course, I googled him right away just so I could see if we had any common interests – which we didn’t!)

There were several first year students in the ‘waiting room’ that were available to answer questions and calm our nerves! When it was my time to interview, my interviewer came out, called my name, and took me into a smaller office. He told me that he read through my resume and was excited to get to know me more. The atmoshphere was incredibly casual and very conversational. He didn’t ask many structured questions – as I walked through my resume, he asked questions genuinely wanting to learn about what I did and what companies I worked for, etc. He did as me about my goals and why Booth.

Then we talked about the culture a bit. Asked me one behavioral question about a challenge that I faced and how I handled it (I chose a different scenario than the one I wrote about in my challenge short answer essay for the application).

Overall, it was a super casual and conversational interivew. I had a great experience – and just found out this week that I have been admitted! Good luck!

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