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Chicago Booth MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 3 / Second year student / On campus

I had an great experience. Students were every open about their Booth experience. Walking into the Harper Center, you immediately go to the Admissions office and are welcomed by several 1st yrs who are there solely to calm you down and have a conversation with about their time at Chicago.

Before arriving, I contacted several students from clubs I was interested in and was able to have lunch with them to understand their experience. This also acted as a informal interview so I could beter hone in on what questions I would be asked. Be prepared to answer the “Why Booth” question and have several reasons why because fit is VERY important at Chicago. Since I’m from NYC, they want to know why I was interested in coming to the mid-west. If you are a R3 candidate (which I am), they will want to know what schools you have applied and been accepted to. I have already been accepted at several top schools and decided to apply to Booth R3 so I was able to speak intelligently about this. Be prepared. Furthermore, students will challenge you on your choices/ideas, which makes sense because students do the same in class. Its a very engaging environment but not for the faint of heart.

My actual interview was very conversational and friendly. The 2nd yr started with asking me to walk through my resume. Then he asked me about my leadership experience and how I deal with conflict, disappointment, failure, convincing others of my ideas and motivational tactics. Make sure you can tell a story about each experience and have concrete points to make. In this case I utilized the Clear Admit interview packet and it was a HUGE asset. I didn’t purchase the packet for a a different school and I was WL’ed and I definitely think it was because of my interview.

The only thing that surprised was how easy the conversation went. Overall I loved my Booth interview experience and hopefully I will attend Chicago in the fall.

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