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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontlines, Clear Admit’s weekly peek into the perks and perils of the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants and soon-to-be first year students were a vocal bunch, all signaling that as July slowly dwindles things in admissions offices and on b-school campuses are going to start heating up. 

HammO declared official application season to have begun and reported his progress on working on essays, seeking out recommendations and scheduling campus visitsMBAReapplicant reviewed the Clear Admit Tuck Guide, which he found to be informative even with the level of knowledge about the program he already possessed.  MBAGirlJourney made progress in her drafts of essays for HBS, Wharton and CBS. After reading a slightly intense exchange about essay drafts on a forum TimBob shared his own thoughts on how to go about thinking about and writing essays: just relaxWriting In Transit also shared his thoughts on a Clear Admit guide, noting that the guide could save applicants time when it comes to researching the different schools.

Wharton ’15 MBA Over 30 was on the verge of arriving in Philadelphia as he wrote his most recent post, and shared some of the activities he’d been involved in in preparation for his arrival, which included spending quality time in his home town, making connections with soon-to-be Wharton classmates, and fighting off swarms of bugs. Booth ’15 Pru envied his classmates who were already enjoying a work-free couple of months before arriving on campus but was not so envious that he wasn’t excited about joining them in a Random Walk later this summer.

Fuqua ’14 Sarah shared a few examples of things she wished she had known in the weeks leading up to her start on campus, which included hoarding sleep and making sure your wardrobe includes numerous 80s outfits.

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