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Cornell / Johnson MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1/ Adcom / Skype

I am an Indian applicant. Applied in the R1 and got invited for interview. I scheduled a Skype interview with Adcom. Adcom member is accompanied by a second year student.

Here are few questions I was asked:

1. Tell us about your self – I told about my academic and professional background using the 2 minute pitch.
2. What do you want to do after studying at Johnson?
3. Why Johnson MBA?
I have spoken about my goals and why Johnson MBA is ideal to achieve my goals. Be sure to thoroughly prepare for these questions. I have spoken with several Johnson students and gave examples from their experiences about the uniqueness of Johnson.

4. Please tell us about your leadership experience.
5. Tell us about a time where you had difficulty coping with a member of the team. How did you overcome the problem
6. What will you contribute to Johnson?
7. Any questions for us

The interview lasted for about 35-40 minutes.

I was very uncomfortable doing the Skype interview as I could not see the Adcom on the screen and have to always look at the camera. I would advice to do an on campus interview or offcampus interview with an Alum. Unfortunately Johnson did not have any Alum interviews when I interviewed.

Result : Waitlisted and Accepted.

I was waitlisted in January and was accepted at the end of May.

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