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MBA Graduates from U.S. Business Schools See Rise in Wall Street Job Offers

MBA graduates from U.S. business schools this summer are landing more interviews and more job offers from Wall Street firms – particularly investment banks – than in recent years, according to the newest survey by a company that provides corporate training to Wall Street firms and business schools.

As part of its latest annual MBA Employment Survey, Training the Street (TTS) interviewed 200 students over the past few months, discovering that 19 percent of students had more than 10 first-round interviews. Another 12 percent of surveyed students had more than eight interviews in the first round, 40 percent had between four and seven interviews and 23 percent had between one and three, according to the TTS survey.

“The Wall Street hiring environment continues to improve, and investment banks in particular are willing to invest in top talent,” TTS CEO Scott Rostan said in a statement. “What’s also clear is that other financial and professional firms now feel the need to hire as well, and strong candidates have their choice of where they’d like to work.”

“Very satisfied” was the response 45 percent of students gave when asked about their satisfaction with their employment offers. Another 32 percent answered that they were “satisfied” with their offers, and only 8 percent reported being “dissatisfied” with the job offers they received.

In terms of salaries, the majority of students surveyed (47 percent) said they were offered a starting base salary of between $100,000 and $125,000. Twenty-one percent of students reported starting offers of between $76,000 and $99,000.

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