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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: ED / Alumnus / Off-campus

I submitted my application about a week before the Early Decision deadline. I was notified I was selected for an interview about two weeks later, and was able to set up the interview within four days. From the list of available interviewers, it took three tries before someone was able to conduct it. While the instructions for arranging the interview said to give people two business days to respond, everyone got back to me within a few hours and was very gracious. My interviewer graduated in May, so she had a lot of recent experience with CBS. She came up to where I lived, even though I offered to go to a location most convenient for her. She did that because in her interview, she went to an office and was very uncomfortable the whole time since she said she felt like she was on someone else’s turf. She didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable, so she came to me.
We had the interview at a bench in a park. It lasted almost exactly 45 minutes and followed the same basic script as most on here. She had a copy of my resume, but that’s all she knew about me before the interview. Questions I was asked in include tell me about yourself, what is your leadership style, how do you work in a team, what will you do if you don’t get into business school, along with a few others and then finished up with my questions for her. After the interview, she submitted her feedback within a few hours, and less than three days later I got the phone call with my acceptance.
From start to finish, the interview process was painless and very pleasant. There were no surprises during the interview. You get asked questions from a fairly standard list.

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