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Cornell’s Johnson School Unveils Curriculum for New One-Year MBA Program on NYC Tech Campus

Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management yesterday unveiled the curriculum for its new one-year MBA program, which it will offer on its New York City tech campus beginning in May 2014. The full-time program will include condensed courses, company-hosted projects and a January global trek to Israel.

The new degree has a strong technology focus, and 90 percent of the roughly 20 applicants who have been admitted to date have strong quantitative backgrounds or hold science-related degrees, said Christine Sneva, Johnson executive director of admissions and financial aid.

Condensed courses augmented by hands-on experiential learning opportunities will be a hallmark of the new program. For example, students may take a day-long course on digital marketing and then immediately apply what they have learned as part of a live project.

“There are no semester-long classes,” said Douglas Stayman, associate dean for MBA programs. “Everything is very focused, very modular.” No single course is expected to meet for more than four days over a two-week period, he added.

The one-year program doesn’t provide time for a summer internship, but students will be expected to complete three projects during the course of the program, one hosted by a partner company, another that is start-up related, and a third, more intensive project that can either be company hosted or start-up related, Bloomberg BW reports.

Companies the school has a relationship with will be likely hosts of the student projects, Stayman said. These companies include Citigroup, MasterCard, Nielsen, LinkedIn, Google, Intel and eBay.

The first three months of the program will take place on Cornell’s main campus in Ithaca and will feature general business courses. Students will then move to New York City to complete the remainder of the program. Google has donated 22,000 square feet of space in its Chelsea building, which will house the program until its permanent home on Roosevelt Island opens in 2017, according to the Bloomberg BW report.

More than 60 applicants have applied for the new MBA program as of December 1st, Cornell announced. The program has a rolling admissions deadline and will accept applications through February. For now, Cornell plans to cap enrollment at between 35 and 40 students. Bloomberg BW reports that the cost of the new one-year program in New York City will be $128,373.

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