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Oxford / Saïd MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Sector Consultant / Skype

I want to write about my interview experience as I have benefited from reading other people’s experience.

I had my interview over Skype and it lasted 30 minutes, with a sector consultant specialised in finance. Questions were all expected though communicating over Skype and not being able to sense the interviewer’s body language made me more nervous and affected some of my answers. I had no idea how it went afterwards and eventually received an offer.

Interview Questions (not in exact order)

– Why MBA, why now and what I am looking to gain from MBA
– Consideration on choosing an MBA
– My career plan
– What is my contribution to class
– Qualities that’d make me good at what I do in my future job
– What would I do if I can go back for half a day (exclude family/friends/volunteer related subjects)
– Leadership example when I didn’t have authority
– What do I consider leadership traits
– What are my values
– A situation where I thought differently from others and how I went about convincing others of my point of view
– Additional things to add (I had none)

At this point in the process and looking at other people’s experience, I am even more certain that anyone’s chances of getting into a good program depend on so many factors that are outside of our control, and the quality of my answers depends on my knowledge in many areas that cannot be prepared in a mere three months. Hence your fate in a way is decided even before you decide which school to apply to, so choose well, work hard and good luck, but don’t ever take a rejection seriously as it says nothing about your abilities.

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