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Trivia Tuesday: The Berkeley MBA Leadership Development Series at Haas

Welcome to our weekly edition of Trivia Tuesday, in which we take an in-depth look at the specific offerings that differentiate the leading MBA programs from their peers. This week we’re taking a peak into the Clear Admit School Guide to the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business to share with you an excerpt about the Berkeley MBA Leadership Development Series.

“As part of its BILD program (Berkeley Innovative Leader Development), Haas has implemented a series of on-campus events that offer students the opportunity to fine-tune their leadership skills outside of the classroom. The Berkeley MBA Leadership Development Series is comprised of a number of non-credit workshops and seminars, all of which allow students to gain further insight into three key areas of awareness: Self, Team and Organization.

“Each of these areas of competency has its own focus and set of goals. For instance, the Self competency track aims to help students identify and take advantage of their strengths (“Understand Yourself”), present themselves well through effective communication and proper business etiquette (“Presence and Polish”), build their brand and network (“Building Your Career”) and develop essential executive skills (“Executive Fundamentals”). Meanwhile, the Team competency focuses on “Managing People” and “Building Great Teams,” and the Organization workshops center on the themes of “Driving Change,” “Power and Influence” and “Organizational Leadership.” Each workshop and seminar in the series fits into one of these categories, and students can create their own sequence of events to attend based on their own goals and needs.”

For more information on leadership development opportunities at Haas, as well as in-depth curriculum information, be sure to check out the Berkeley / Haas School Profile on Clear Admit.