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MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Off-Campus

I did my interview for MIT Sloan at the Marriott hotel in Paris. I currently live in Dubai and work for a top-tier management consulting firm. I was given the option to interview either in Mumbai or in Paris.

The interviewer was very friendly and asked me the sort of typical questions that you prepare for in every MBA admissions interview:
– Walk me through your CV up until now
– Why an MBA? Why do it now?
– Why MIT Sloan?
– Tell me about your biggest achievement
– Tell me about a time you faced a problem and you had to solve it
– Did you talk to someone about the program?

Couple of useful tips:
– MIT is really looking for people who can show that they are creative and can go out there and “do” what they want to do, make sure you convey that in all the examples/stories that you use in your interviews
– Research the program really well and show that you’re really passionate about it (action learning, tracks, etc…)
– Be humble and down-to-earth. MIT likes students who are very good team players and do not possess a sense of arrogance
– I took a flight to Paris on the same day and risked being late for the interview. If you can always fly a day earlier

I got admitted to the program but still not 100% sure about attending, as I got accepted at several others as well.
Good luck everyone!

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