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Ross MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / 2nd Year Student / On-Campus

I was very impressed with how Ross conducted their interview day. I highly recommend doing an on-campus interview if you get the opportunity. Ross blocked out a bunch of rooms at a nearby hotel and driving around Ann Arbor is fairly easy. Rental car prices in the area are also very reasonable. I know some applicants decided to cab around, but cabs in Ann Arbor are not readily available. Parking on campus was about $9-$10 for the whole day and the parking garage is fairly close to the business school.

When interviewees arrive, you are given a brochure, agenda, and a very nice leather notebook from Ross. You are taken into a room (with light breakfast refreshments), where interviewees are broken out into two groups. One group will interview first. After the interview you will head over to a restaurant, the Pizza House to do your group interview. From there you are taken to do a Q&A with current students, tour the business school (very nice building), and then do a class visit that you sign up for in the morning.

Below are details about the interview:
Personal Interview-
* Tell me about yourself
* Why MBA?
* Why Ross?
* How will you contribute to Ross?
* What will you do if you are not accepted to Ross?
* My interviewer and I talked about my promotions and he asked what it is about me that I think helped me get promoted
* My interviewer also asked me how successful I am at signing on new clients
* He asked about my outside interests that were listed on my resume

Everything you have heard about the group interview is true. DO NOT PREPARE FOR IT! You will be in a group with 6 other applicants and two 2nd-year students who will evaluate you. You will first introduce yourself to everyone and tell everyone something interesting about you. Then you will be given 3 VERY random words, such as bone, cheese, bag in which you will have to use those 3 words to tell a personal or ficticious story. You are given 5 minutes to prepare for the story and 1 minute to present it. You will then have to pull a new word with your team members and use your random words to make a pitch to a client. It was actually fun and I had a great time interacting with the other applicants. Afterwards they will feed you some pretty decent pizza. You will also get a chance to chat with 2nd year students during lunch.

Overall, great experience. The whole day was very organized, you are well fed, and everyone at Ross is super friendly and approachable. If you happen to be there in the cold brutal winter, bring a pair of snow boots. You can change in and out of your winter shoes. There is an area to hang and store all your winter gear.

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