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Kellogg MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / Skype

The interviewer was professional and friendly.

1. Talk about your educational background / decisions
2. Went through my work experience
3. What does my current company do?
4. Post-MBA goals (naturally led to answering why Kellogg)
5. How would I contribute to Kellogg?

6. How would your coworkers describe you (strengths & weaknesses)?
7. Time when I had to tell a co-worker that he/she was wrong
8. Time when I was on a team when things weren’t going well and how I handled it.
9. Tell me about your hobbies / how you spend your free time
10. Other things about me not apparent from my resume

Overall, I spoke most of the time and the interviewer kept it conversational by asking follow-up questions. It lasted for about 45 minutes and I felt we had covered everything relevant (decisions, goals, and idea of my personality). I was anxiously awaiting the leadership questions, since there are different variants that I might not have prepared for. Aside from that, it was pretty comfortable.

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