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Trivia Tuesday: The Ross Social Venture Fund

It’s time for this week’s edition of Trivia Tuesday, in which we examine elements of leading MBA programs that differentiate them  from their competitors. This week we’re taking a look into the Clear Admit School Guide to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in order to share with you an excerpt about the program’s Social Venture Fund.

“The Social Venture Fund (SvF), overseen by the Zell Lurie Institute, was launched in September 2009 by four first-year MBA students at Ross.  It is the country’s first student-run fund focused on investing in for-profit social enterprises.

” Each year, the SvF aims to employ a leadership team of eight to ten first- and second-year MBA students to create and maintain the fund’s investing framework, as well as up to 20 associates who are tasked with identifying new and existing social entrepreneurship ventures in search of early-stage and development capital.  Through weekly group meetings as well as independent research, the SvF leaders seek of educate associates about the issues surrounding promotion, investment and management in socially-minded, profitable, and sustainable businesses, thus complementing Ross’s educational offerings in socially and environmentally driven venture investing and entrepreneurship.  The SvF is overseen by faculty supervisor Professor Gautam Kaul of the Finance Department and by a second-year student leader chosen from the leadership team.

“To apply to the SvF, students are required to submit a resume, personal statement and case solution consisting of three PowerPoint slides.  Applicants must also complete interviews with a student and a faculty member before they are invited to join.”

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