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The Northwestern Kellogg MBA Admissions Interview: A Special Guest Post from GrantMeAdmission!

The following is a guest post from GrantMeAdmission that was originally published on the GrantMeAdmission blog. For more insights, advice, and stories about business school applications, follow the GrantMeAdmission blog and twitter feed

Hey everyone, today I will be reviewing my interview with Kellogg. As many of you already know, I applied to only Tuck last year, as I loved the school. I was subsequently put on the wait list (until August). I am determined that this year will be different!

As I was looking at different schools, many friends, mentors and readers recommended for me to check out Kellogg while I was choosing schools to apply to. I am sure glad I did… Kellogg is amazing and totally synonymous with who I am and where I want to end up in my career.

I hope you enjoy this interview recap and find it helpful (also make sure to subscribe on my main page to get automatic updates on my progress and TEMBA’s HBS interview recap!!!)

The Interview
For those of you who don’t know, Kellogg offers all out-of-Chicago applicants a chance to interview on campus, often with an admissions officer. This interview was definitely an intense conversation, but I really liked it. The dialogue was rapid… a LOT of questions about handling various situations. The interview seemed predominantly about my career and why I wanted a Kellogg MBA. This interview had SO MANY questions; it was definitely a rapid-fire session.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed it. It seemed that Kellogg tries to get to know applicants the best out of any school I applied to (including Tuck). In fact, their application was MY FAVORITE BY FAR. If you are curious what questions were asked, check out this list of common Kellogg Questions.

netimpactNet Impact Week (totally love it as someone who is involved with non-profits)

The rest of the day
The rest of the day was AMAZING. I had lunch with current students (where I met TRULY AMAZING applicants as well), then a class on company strategy, and finally a campus tour. The lunch was great, and I learned a lot about Kellogg and Evanston (the town Northwestern is in). Evanston is really a fantastic location and has a lot to offer. Also, going to a school with 4 different MBA programs really expands the alumni network as “everyone is Kellogg.” That was really appealing and curbed my worry that Full-Time 2 Year MBA’s got the short-end of the stick (resource-wise).

The class was AMAZING. Everyone had different backgrounds (I actually bumped into a friend!) and brought a lot to the discussion. Also, this class seemed to have incredibly fun and easy-going people (a common trend that I see in all of Kellogg’s students). A lot of laughs were shared in class, with some FANTASTIC dialogue.

To end my day at Kellogg was a building tour. Two words: People-oriented. Even there schedule of M,T,Th,F is on purpose (to keep people on campus five days a week). The building was gorgeous (in my opinion… I know its older), and the people were fantastic.

Dare I say it… Am I in love with Kellogg???


PS I love Chicago’s Hot Dogs!!!

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