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Yale SOM MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second Year / On Campus

Here is a summary of the round 1 Yale SOM MBA admissions interview questions from an applicant who recently interviewed at Yale:

The interview went well. They are really focused on the 30 min constraint. Anyhow, mine was with a second year who had a background in finance (leveraged buyout) and who is heading to Goldman after Yale. Blind interview, he only had my resume. All around I think it went well, I didn’t stumble over any questions and my only concern (albeit now growing larger the more I think about it) is we didn’t really talk about my extracurriculars (soccer or mentoring). 


1)   Tell me about your role as a Director at [company] (open ended question)

2)   Tell me about a time you failed

3)   Tell me about your short term goal

4)   Long term goal?

5)   Quizzed me on [company product] for a long time (at first it was as if he was trying to call my bluff [if i were in fact bluffing] but then it really became a conversation about industry trends in general). The trick to this one was to be succinct which is difficult bc I do have so much to say. 

6)   Why an MBA? Why now? Why Yale?

7)   Plan B if MBA doesn’t work out (wanted to make sure I had thought it out)

8)   Anything you wish I had asked but didn’t?

And of course the “anything you want me to make sure I tell the committee?”

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