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GMAC Unveils New Tool to Give GMAT Test Takers Greater Control over Exam

2014_enhancedgmatscorereporting_screen1_430x244-overallThe Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), which owns and administers the GMAT, has launched a new tool designed to help GMAT test takers better understand their performance on the exam’s different sections and better equip them to improve their scores going forward.

GMAC solicited feedback from both test takers and test prep organizations to develop its new GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR), which provides comprehensive post-exam diagnostics, including performance measures for each section of the exam, to help test takers understand their strengths and weaknesses and gain insight into how best to improve their scores. Key features of the ESR include overall section performance ranking, performance ranking by question type, time management ranking, percentage of questions answered correctly, average response time, and a customized summary report for each section assessing strengths and weaknesses.

By helping test takers understand what types of questions they spend the most time on, the ESR allows them to more effectively allocate time to corresponding sections, ensuring successful completion of the entire exam. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, the ESR also can help test takers make future test prep more effective and efficient—helping them know which subjects and sections require more attention. Finally, by helping them feel better prepared, the new tool can also boost overall confidence.

The ESR costs $24.95, can be purchased before or after your exam and is available for exams completed after October 1, 2013. To purchase, visit

Learn more about GMAC’s new Enhanced Score Report (ESR).