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HEC Paris MBA Admissions Interview Questions: November Round / Alumnus / Off-campus / Admit

hecparisThe following HEC Paris MBA admissions interview report was provided to us by an applicant who was recently admitted to HEC Paris!

Just got accepted to HEC Paris Sep15 intake and couldn’t be happier. I would like to share my experience in a way to thank those who have previously writed for this blog and helped me.

In an a Brazilian and both interviews here held off campus in São Paulo with alumni from 200x classes. The first one has taken place in a café, and therefore much more informal. The second was held in the offices of the interviewer, who is a director in a multinational company.

Interview 1

. Fully done in Portuguese, except for the presentation in English
. Very friendly and supportive interviewer
. Share a lot of his experience while as a student
. Highlighted the diversity and collaboration as key strengths of the HEC Paris
. Really “bought me” into the idea of accepting a possible offer
. Gave me positive feedback instantly

Main questions:

. Walk me through your resume – really try to work in this one to fulfill in less than 10 min
. Why an MBA and why now?
. What are the other Schools you are applying at?
. Which of those would you choose?

Interview 2

. Fully done in English
. The interviewer was kind and polite, but more formal and distant than the previous one
. Assessed me as a job requiring interviewing, asked tricky questions and assessed cloudy points
. Did not give me feedback, but wished me luck in the process

Main questions:

. Why MBA in this point if career?
. What have you learned in your career experience A (e.g. first role as a manager)?
. What do you believe you can bring to the class and community?
. Why do you want consulting? How will you handle the schedules with worklife balance? Wasn’t worklife balance important to you?
. Do you plan to stay in Europe after the graduation?


I believe this should be a chapter apart. One must really take a week to prepare in order to impress the interviewers. I suggest the following framework:

0. Cover/Why this theme is important to me – speech only
1. What’s the problem/idea?
2. What’s the solution?
3. Why this solution is better than the older one? What were the results achieved?
4. Why this theme is important to me?

I presented a corporate budget project to which I was involved twice and which has taught me a lot. Do no undermine the importance of this part of the interview, since it’s is a great moment to INTERACT with your interviewer.

1. Make it clear – no more than 6 slides
2. Make it interesting
3. Make it meaningful to you
4. Do rehearse some times with a friend in order to make improving changes

Hope I can help someone! Good luck!

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