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Ask Us Your MBA Admissions Questions!

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Are you wondering how to prepare for a Wharton Team-Based discussion interview? Are you concerned because you didn’t receive a Harvard interview invite on January 28? Tweet us your MBA admissions questions with the hashtag #AskClearAdmit, and we’ll answer them!

We will be hosting a live chat on Twitter from 12 to 2 pm EST today to celebrate our new hashtag. Our admissions experts will be standing by to answer your questions immediately. If you’re busy–don’t worry! Just tweet us your questions at #AskClearAdmit before or after the session and we will answer them. We look forward to talking to you! 

Sample Tweets:

@ClearAdmit: How do you choose a “safety” #bschool? #AskClearAdmit

#AskClearAdmit: When will Wharton release #interview invites?

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