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Michigan Ross MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Second-Year / On-Campus

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The following is a Michigan Ross MBA Admissions Interview Report provided to Clear Admit by a recent applicant: 

Really fun experience, they take a lot of time and effort to get to know your personality and who you are through the process, and are one of the few schools who really seem to want you to come if you think Michigan is a good fit (or if not, perhaps its not right for you). 

1. Interview with Second Year:
I had an unusual situation where my interviewer was not a fully fluent english speaker, and I was concerned at times that they didn’t fully comprehend everything we discussed, but still a really really nice person, and very enthusiastic about Ross. Interview is 30 minutes no more no less.
– Walk me through your Resume
– Elaborate on your responsibilities for your full-time jobs
– Why MBA?
– Why Ross?*
– Tell me about a failure.
*Note: I volunteered my goals, why I wanted an MBA now and why Ross was the best choice. The interviewer didn’t ask many questions. Some other questions I heard were: Teach me something I don’t know in 2 minutes, Tell me about a time when you were right and you had to convince others to take your side, etc. 

2. Group Interview:
You really don’t have to prepare, and they Really don’t want you to. You warm up by telling a true or fictional story with two words they give you randomly – one location, and one noun. Then you keep all the nouns from your smaller group (about 6 people each), and then use those nouns to create a business case problem and solution using 4/6 of the words and everyone will be asked to present a small part of what you come up with. I don’t really know what they look for, but 2 MBAs will watch and listen to your pitch. They were nice but inscrutable.

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