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UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA Admissions Interview: Round 1/ Adcom / On-campus

300px-UNC_Kenan-Flagler_Business_SchoolThe following UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA admissions interview questions were provided to us by a recent Kenan-Flagler Applicant. 

My interview at UNC was my first b school interview, and I was very nervous beforehand. One thing I really appreciated about interviewing at UNC was that they had current students sitting in the lobby to talk to prospective students and essentially calm them down (as well as answer any questions about the program). My interviewer was also incredibly nice and really tried to make the interview more like a conversation. Her questions were:

walk me through your resume
what’s been your best job (though it’s only been five year since undergrad, I’ve had a lot of jobs)
what’s a weakness you have, and how are you working to improve it
why mba, why kenan
recent example of teamwork
most proud of career-wise
what skills have you learned from work
why did I pick undergrad school
questions for me

Overall, the interview went by quickly. One thing I was surprised by was that she probed more than I expected she would on my short-term goal, which came up when I discussed “why mba.” I listed a specific company as an example, and she in turn asked me my thoughts on recent local news about the company, which I hadn’t heard (I live across the country). It seems obvious in retrospect, but my advice is to thoroughly research any companies you plan to bring up.

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