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 Insight into Indian School of Business Class of 2016

isbThe Indian School of Business (ISB) earlier this week shared details about the students in its current Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) class, revealing continued expansion overall, increased interest from students from nonprofit and NGO sectors and a slight dip in the representation of women.

There are 813 students in ISB’s PRG Class of 2016, with 560 students at its Hyderabad campus and 253 students at its Mohali campus. Of those, 236 are women. While this is the highest number of women in absolute terms so far in the school’s history, it represents 29 percent of the overall class, down slightly from 30 percent last year.

In terms of professional background, the entering class is highly diverse. Incoming students have worked in China, Russia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the United States, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico and many European countries. Several students hold doctoral degrees in biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical science, and 18 have filed or received one or more patents, the school reports. The Class of 2016 also boasts the first-ever women from Sri Lanka and Russia, as well as nationally-ranked badminton, tennis and cricket players.

The average work experience for incoming PGP students dipped slightly this year, to 4.7 years, down from 5 years in each of the six previous entering classes. The average GMAT score for incoming students has remained constant at 700.

The Class of 2016 is the 15th class to enroll in ISB’s one-year PGP. The school’s network of alumni has now grown to more than 7,600 across a range of industries.

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