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USC / Marshall Recommendation Questions 2015-2016

marshall-mba-recommendation-questionsThe University of Southern California‘s online MBA application is now live for the 2015-2016 admissions season, meaning that the Marshall MBA recommendation questions are now available to applicants and their recommenders.

After collecting the recommender’s contact information, the adcom requests that they respond to a section titled Analytical Information. The online recommendation form notes that this section is optional, and that recommenders may skip it and simply upload a letter later in the form. We strongly encourage recommenders to complete this section.

Unless otherwise noted, the drop-down menu response options in this section are: Exceptional (Top 2%), Superior (Top 5%), Excellent (Top 15%), Above Average (Top 20%), Average (Top 50%), Below Average (Lower 50%), Inadequate Opportunity to Observe.

Recommendation Type (Options: Academic, Professional, Both)
Ability to work with others
Oral Communication
Written Communication
Demonstrated Leadership
Intellectual Capacity
Interpersonal Relations (Including respect for others’ differences.)
Potential as a Researcher (For Ph.D. applicants only)
Potential as a Teacher (For Ph.D. applicants only)

Recommenders are also asked to provide some context for these ratings via a series of 500 character responses (including spaces):

Against which group are you comparing the applicant? (500 character limit)
Examples: All students I know who have entered graduate school, all students I have taught or known, etc.

In what capacity have you known the applicant? (500 character limit)

How long have you known the applicant? (short text field)

What do you consider the applicant’s most outstanding talents or characteristics? (500 character limit)

What are the applicant’s areas for growth? (500 character limit)

Recommenders are then invited to upload a statement in a separate document. There are no specific prompts or length guidelines listed.

If you wish to include additional comments concerning the applicant’s aptitude for advanced study, please draft and submit your letter using the Upload Document button.