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Yale SOM Recommendation Questions 2015-2016

yale-mba-recommendation-questionsThe Yale University online MBA application for the 2015-2016 admissions season is live, meaning that the Yale SOM MBA recommendation questions are now available to applicants and their recommenders. Recommenders are asked to rate the applicant on a series of skills and professional abilities, and to provide a written recommendation addressing four required questions.

Yale MBA Recommendation Questions

yale-mba-recommendation-gridRecommenders are asked to provide their contact information, and then to rate the applicant on a series of abilities related to management, communication, and interpersonal skills. The adcom asks recommenders to rate applicant on a five-point scale, with a written description for each response on each item. Click on the image to the right to view the Yale MBA recommendation grid.

Recommenders are then asked to rate the applicant with respect to his or her peer group, and to summarize the strength of their overall recommendation.

Based on your professional experience, how do you rate the applicant compared to her/his peer group?
– The best encountered in my career
– Outstanding (top 5%)
– Excellent (top 10%)
– Very good (well above average)
– Average
– Below average

Overall Recommendation
– Recommend enthusiastically
– Recommend
– Recommend with reservations
– Do not recommend

Finally, recommenders are asked to upload a Word of PDF document that offers a candid assessment of the applicant’s leadership potential, providing specific examples to back up their claims. The adcom poses a series of questions that recommenders are asked to address in the course of their comments. Recommenders are asked to limit their comments to “one to two pages.”

Please comment briefly on the context of your interaction with the applicant. If applicable, describe the applicant’s role in your organization.

How does the candidate’s performance compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples.

Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response.

Are you in a position to know whether the applicant is sponsored for the MBA by his or her current employer? If so, please comment.

(optional) Is there anything else you would like us to know?