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UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA Interview Report: Round 1 / AdCom / On-Campus

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The following UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant. Good luck to them!

This was my first business school interview and I was understandably nervous. I signed up for an interview during Kenan-Flagler’s “open interview” period during which anyone can schedule an interview (no need for an invitation or even having submitted an application). When I arrived they had a current student sitting with us, talking about her experience, which was nice. I was interviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee, who was very professional but not unfriendly. Some of the questions she asked me included:

1. Tell me about why you picked your undergrad school.
2. What did you do during the gaps in your resume (between jobs, after college, etc.)/why are there gaps?
3. Why did you major in what you majored in (I was pre-law which doesn’t really fit with business school)?
4. Teamwork is very important to us: tell us an example about how you participated in a team.
5. What is the biggest contribution you have made at your current job?
6. If you got into every business school you applied to, how would you pick which one you would attend?
7. Do you have any questions for me?

I was a bit flustered by the questions about my unemployment since they were the first questions she asked, but in retrospect I shouldn’t have been surprised. I was told the interview would last 25-30 minutes, but mine only took about 20 minutes. One thing I would definitely recommend is also attending an info session or tour if it’s offered, as it was a great way to meet current students. Some candidates had their interview after the info session and tour, which would have been nice (I had mine before) so if it’s an option to schedule your interview in the afternoon I would suggest that.

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