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Berkeley / Haas MBA Interview Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / On-Campus

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The following Berkeley / Haas MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. 

I got helpful tips from Clear Admit and hope my experience with my Haas interview will help other applicants. Good luck everyone!

I was invited to the super Saturday interview hosted on campus on Feb 20. The events were very well organized, and the interview was just a very small part of the experience. The adcom and current students hosted lunches, different panels for team work and student life, and everyone we met was very kind and helpful. The interview was with an alumnus who graduated in 2012 and works in a similar industry. The interview was blind, my interviewer had my résumé with him but he barely looked at it or asked any questions directly from my résumé. It was very conversational and open. The whole interview process took about 45 minutes.

A few questions during the interview:

1. Walk me through your résumé.
2. Why MBA, why Haas?
3. Did you ever had an experience that your idea was different from everyone else and you convinced other teammates to work with you? How did you do it?
4. What is your leadership style? Give me an example.
5. A specific question for my past working experience in the industry we work in.
6. Any questions for me?

Overall, I feel like Haas is a close knit community with very kind people. Haas didn’t really talk a lot about team work, but I (and a few other applicants) feel that Haas is definitely the school who “talk the talk and walk the walk,” with people who truly wish you the best and help where they can. I really enjoyed the weekend out in San Francisco. Weather was perfect and every one I met was wonderful and nice. We had a campus tour and class visit the following Monday. I was very impressed by how beautiful and how huge the campus is! Very informative undergrad Haas tour guide too! I would definitely choose Haas if it accepts me. Cross my fingers.

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