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U. Chicago Booth Interview Report: Round 2 / Alumni / Off-campus

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The following U. Chicago Booth interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

My interviewer graduated from Booth in the early 2000s and was from a completely different industry. Nevertheless, there was a lot for us to talk about and the interview was very conversational and lasted for almost an hour. He began by saying that he would take two minutes to review my résumé again and proceeded to circle things that he would later ask me about.

He asked me the following questions:

– Walk me through your résumé. Lot of follow-up on my college – why I went there, what my favorite subjects were, why did I study what I studied. Similar, for my post-grad.
– What inspired you to work in this industry?
– Why MBA?
– What are your career goals? Lot of follow-up on this.
– What advice would you give yourself 10 years from now, if you were in your previous job, working on XYZ project?
– What are your strengths?
– What will you contribute to Booth?
– Give me an example of a situation when you faced conflict in a team?
– How would you manage if your team-members didn’t get along with each other?
– Why Booth? (Finally!)
– What does your ideal MBA look like?
– A question about one of my interests that I had mentioned on my résumé
– Any questions for me

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