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NYU / Stern MBA Interview Report: Round 3 / Adcom / On-campus

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The following NYU / Stern MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 3 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

Date: interviewed on 2/29/16 for R3 admission

Type of interview: application based interview. I had the feeling that the interviewer had a very detailed knowledge of my application file, as she referred several times to my answers in the applications, to elements of my essays and to very detailed data points of my résumé.

List of interview questions:

Why MBA? Why now? Why Stern?

Please explain why did you decide to choose X as your current job + around 6-7 follow-up questions regarding my current job.

What do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Describe an occurrence in which you managed a workplace conflict/made a positive impact?

How would you contribute at Stern?

The interview was rather formal. There was almost no small talk, and the interviewer was really deep diving into her questions. She was really pushing me and bringing me out of my comfort zone as she was really burying me with questions and constantly asking for details.

Outcome: admitted for R3 with merit scholarship

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