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Georgetown McDonough MBA: The Intersection of Business and Policy

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Certificate in Nonmarket Strategy
In particular, the MBA Certificate of Nonmarket Strategy takes this learning to a new level. Its entire goal is to explore the nexus of business, economics and public policy by connecting the strengths of the Georgetown McDonough faculty, the MBA curriculum and the rich resources of Washington, D.C.

“The certificate delves into how important it is to understand the nonmarket environment when it comes to making business decisions and evaluating the risk associated with making those decisions,” said Nicholas Arnold, a student ambassador for McDonough and a 2017 MBA candidate. “Businesses, no matter how small or large, are all influenced by the market and nonmarket. We learn this through case studies, events with speakers and more. The nonmarket influences everything and McDonough’s understanding of this is what makes the program so special.”

There is no limit to the issues studied within the certificate. Students recently discussed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and what effects its dissolution or continued existence will have on businesses and different stakeholders throughout the globe. And, being in D.C. has enriched the TPP discussion since it was developed in the city and many of its creators have come to campus to join and lead the conversation.

“I’ve gone to dozens of events where speakers have come to campus to give their perspective and insight,” said Arnold. “And, as part of the certificate program, one of our requirements is to attend events in the city where they’re discussing the impact of business and public policy and how nonmarket issues will affect businesses around the United States. For instance, I’ve gone to events at multiple think tanks from the Center for American Progress to the American Enterprise Institute. That’s one of the benefits of McDonough.”

McDonough Centers and Initiatives
But it’s not just the business leaders, curriculum and certificate that make Georgetown McDonough’s MBA program uniquely qualified to discuss business and policy; it’s also its research. The school believes that real-world research is necessary for true comprehension; that’s why it’s home to three faculty-led centers and initiatives dedicated to increasing the understanding of business and policy for students, faculty, business leaders and policymakers.

  • Business, Society and Public Policy Initiative: The initiative is an academic catalyst that provides both students and leaders with a greater understanding of the challenges facing corporations at the intersection of business, society and public policy. The goal of the initiative is to ensure that students experience the impact that public decision-making can have on business and the extraordinary influence business can have on society.
  • Center for Business and Public Policy: The center’s mission is to engage scholars, industry practitioners and policymakers in order to disseminate knowledge on issues at the nexus of business and public policy. Faculty conduct research across diverse industries and economic sectors and stay abreast of relevant issues. For example, one researcher recently completed a study on the value that free online services—including Google and Facebook—contribute to the U.S. economy.
  • Center for Financial Markets and Policy: The center sponsors original resources, provides commentary and hosts dialogues and conferences involving scholars and key practitioners on key financial market issues. These activities enrich the lives of Georgetown McDonough’s MBA students and demonstrate how policy is intricately intertwined with finance. For example, a recent article written by the center discussed the U.S. elections and forecasting. On December 5, 2016, Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve System and Economic Recovery Board, will speak on the importance of sound financial sector regulation.

Being a Georgetown McDonough MBA means that your education isn’t just about business—any program can teach that. It’s about understanding how business and policy interact in an intricate dance. It’s only through this knowledge that students are prepared for a truly global business career.

“In today’s world, it’s essential, if not absolutely critical, that future business leaders know and understand the intersection of business and policy,” explained Moore. “The awareness and ability to work within the dynamic of globalization provides our MBA students with a foundation to navigate the tough realities of business on a daily basis.”

To learn more about how the Georgetown McDonough MBA experience brings together business and policy in real-world scenarios, visit the school website.