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NYU Stern Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / On-campus

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The following NYU Stern interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 MBA applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

I was interviewed by a member of the admissions who also happened to be a part-time MBA student at Stern. It was pretty straightforward and relatively casual. No curve balls. Questions included:

  • Tell me about your self
  • What are your ST/LT goals?
  • Why MBA and why Stern?
  • What have you done so far to prepare for your goals?
  • What will you be doing at Stern to further prepare/achieve your goals?
  • What will you contribute to the Stern community?
  • If I called your boss/co-workers and asked about you, what will they say?
  • How would you describe your leadership style?
  • I asked a couple of questions at the end

I actually really enjoyed my interview. The interviewer seemed genuinely interested in my stories and to learn about my goals. It was a long interview because it was more of a conversation, rather than me just answering questions. I received a call exactly three weeks after my interview and was accepted.

My two cents – make sure to prepare few good stories/anecdotes that you can spin to answer any questions and really know how to effectively communicate your goals. Good luck everyone!

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