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Watch Now! CEIBS Webinar – “Ready for the China Challenge”

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On January 11th, Clear Admit was pleased to partner with CEIBS to offer an informative webinar entitled “CEIBS – Ready for the China Challenge”.  The webinar was led by Christina Mou, a CEIBS alumnus who is CEIBS’ Admissions and Marketing Manager for the MBA program and by Christopher Day a current CEIBS MBA student.  Both Mou and Day explained why they chose to have a career in China and why CEIBS was the right MBA program for them.  An interactive Q&A session followed, with Mou and Day answering the thoughtful queries from the participants.

In the webinar, both Mou and Day explained that CEIBS is a great way for international MBA students who are interested in working in China to gain access to the large and growing Chinese market.    In the presentation, they reviewed the key aspects of the CEIBS academic program, school community and career options.  Here are some of the key highlights:

  • In addition to a rigorous core curriculum, CEIBS students have the opportunity to complete an International China Strategy Project in which students work closely with leading companies on their China business strategies.
  • CEIBS has a robust international outlook and globally minded community.  For example, about 66% of the faculty and about 33% of the students are international.  In addition, the Chinese students in the program are very internationally oriented as well.
  • While it is not a surprise to learn that most CEIBS’ graduates accept jobs in China with multinational firms, it was interesting to learn from Day that CEIBS MBA students are more focused on joining fast growing Chinese companies with international ambitions such as Tencent, rather than joining the China offices of US multinationals.
  • Both Mou and Day reviewed CEIBS’ impressive array of exchange programs and dual degree options with top tier US and European business schools.

If you are interested in using your MBA education as a springboard to having a business career in China, we encourage you to view this webinar to learn more about CEIBS.

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