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Chicago Booth Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Second-year student / On campus

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The following U. Chicago Booth interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

I interviewed in the afternoon after a class visit, and the program (lunch with students, class, info session) was very helpful to gather my thoughts.
I arrived at the Admissions Suite 15 min early. There were other candidates and a few first-year students who chatted with us. It really helped to relax.
My interviewer came out and called me to the room. She introduced herself and explained that the interview will be blind, will take 45 min, including questions, and that she will be checking her phone to keep track of time. She was very friendly, but at the same time hard to read and at times seemed indifferent. She barely looked up from her notes and literally wrote down everything I said. I didn’t feel any pressure, but also couldn’t tell if it was going well or not because of her lack of reaction.
She also asked a lot of questions that were already answered, so I had to dig deeper. Most questions were interconnected and conversation flow was smooth.

Her questions in order they came up:
– How is your visit so far?
– Tell me about yourself
– Why MBA?
– Can you achieve your goals without MBA? What would be different?
– What is your alternative post-MBA goal?
– Why Booth?
– What would you contribute?
– Tell me about a challenge at work. (Follow up questions) What was your train of thought throughout that project? What did you learn? Did you apply these lessons to other projects?
– (Further follow up on a project I mentioned) Why did you decide to change approach? Did you feel resistance from above when you suggested this? How did you approach that person?
– Is there anything else you want to cover?
– Do you have questions for me?

She was more engaged in the Q&A part of the interview and allowed me to ask 5-6 questions before she finished the interview (right on time) and walked me out. I later sent her a thank you email and she responded the next day.
Overall there wasn’t anything surprising in the experience, although I expected a more enthusiastic, conversational intervew. I prepared by going through all the questions I could find here, reading up on Booth, and recounting stories that could be a good answer. I also did about 3 mock interviews.
I am currently waiting for the decision.

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