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Oxford Saïd Appoints 6 New Faculty Members

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In early July, Oxford University’s Saïd Business School announced six new faculty appointments with a range of teaching and research expertise. The new faculty come from a variety of backgrounds including gender diversity, sustainability, real estate, and more. Each new faculty member will join the school to engage in innovative research, scholarship, and academic excellence.

A recent press release from the school introduced the six new faculty members to the Oxford Saïd community. We recently had the privilege of interviewing three of the new appointments to gain additional insight.

Renée Adams

“Oxford University is a place where true scholarship flourishes,” Reneé Adams said. “I am most excited to join Saïd Business School because it has such an intellectually stimulating environment with outstanding faculty and students.”

Adams joins Oxford Saïd from her previous position at the University of New South Wales as a new professor of finance. She brings her research expertise in the organization of corporate boards, corporate governance, gender, corporate finance, governance of financial institutions, and the economics of organizations. Adams has a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago.

As for what unique perspectives Adams brings to Saïd, she focuses on her diversity of experience and interests.

Renée Adams

“I’ve worked in a central bank and universities in Sweden, Australia, Japan, Norway, and Italy,” Adams explained. “My international experience shapes my work. I’m familiar with and interested in different approaches to problem-solving. This is reflected in the interdisciplinary nature of my research which has been published in economics, finance, accounting, strategy and leadership journals. I’m also interested in the role of diversity and culture and, somewhat atypically for a finance academic, have built a portfolio of work on gender, which is a topic of interest at Saïd.”

Andrew Baum

Baum is officially joining Oxford Saïd as an appointed professor of practice. In his previous role as a visiting professor of management practice, which began in 2013, Baum led the school’s real estate activity and was the director of the Future of Real Estate Initiative. His research interests include cross-border real estate investment, emerging markets, innovation, and property funds. Prior to Oxford Saïd, Baum was the chair of land management at the Henley Business School from 1989 to 2013.

Matthew Amengual

Amengual joins Oxford Saïd as an associate professor in international business. His research focuses on topics such as the politics of promoting economic development, interactions between government bureaucracies, firms in countries with weak institutions, and societal organizations. When talking about his research and experience, Amengual believes that he has a unique theoretical perspective.

Matthew Amengual

“My research is rooted in the field of comparative political economy and substantively focused on making economic development more inclusive and sustainable,” Amengual said. “I bring a theoretical perspective that provides a lens for thinking about how businesses are embedded in distinct communities. In addition, I bring to the classroom experiences from my grounded research projects with firms and communities.”

Amengual comes to the Oxford Saïd from MIT Sloan where he also earned his PhD in political science. “There are three things that I am most excited about,” he said. “First, the excellent colleagues I will have at Oxford Saïd —researchers there are doing cutting-edge studies on fascinating topics. Second, the international community of students who bring diverse perspectives from all over the globe. Third, the focus of Saïd Business School on contributing solutions to large, systemic, challenges.”

Eleanor Murray

Murray comes to the school from Imperial College London where she earned her PhD in organizational resilience. Appointed as a new fellow in management practice, Murray brings more than 20 years of experience as an executive director and senior manager in the health sector. Her research interests include how change is constructed in organizations and systems, specifically the context of change and its impact.

Trudi Lang

“Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world,” Trudi Lang said. “I am deeply honored to be part of this tradition as well as one of its newest and exciting creations, Saïd Business School. Oxford and the school aim to lead the world in education and research, and I am delighted to be able to contribute to this.”

Trudi Lang

As a global strategist, Lang comes to the school as a senior fellow in management practice. Her previous roles include being an associate fellow at the school as well as the director and head of strategic foresight at the World Economic Forum. Her research interests include how new frameworks, processes, and psychological mindedness can help leaders move forward. Lang’s hope is to use her expertise to spark more conversations.

“My vision is to improve the state of the world through global conversations,” Land explained. “I do this through advising, teaching, research and consulting, providing leaders with the frameworks and space to discover a new way. I am a core faculty member of the Oxford Scenarios Programme and the Oxford Networked Strategy Lab which provide leaders with the strategy skills for thriving in an interconnected and turbulent world. My current research focuses on strategy, strategic conversations, scenarios, and the importance of identity.”

Daniel Snow

Snow joins Saïd as an associate professor in operations management. He comes to the school from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business where he earned his PhD in business management. His research interests cover a wide range of topics including technological innovation and the impact of IT on service employee productivity.

As Oxford Saïd Dean Peter Tufano stated, “We are thrilled to welcome them to the exciting Oxford Saïd community.”

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