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What Should You Do After Attending an NYU Stern MBA Event?

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Attending an MBA Event put on by the NYU Stern School of Business is a great way to get to know the school, the MBA program, the admissions team, and the application process. Whether you attend a fair, information session, or informal meet-and-greet, the amount of information you can gather is incredibly helpful for making your MBA decision, but only if you do everything you need to do to gain the best experience.

Just as you prepared to attend the event, you need to prepare to follow-up after an event. That means reaching back out to the admissions team via email or setting up a campus visit to complete your well-rounded picture of the school. In particular, if you attended an NYU Stern MBA event, Lauren Calio, the Director of MBA Admissions, has a few recommendations for what to do now.

Lauren Calio, the Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern
  1. Should they write thank you notes to any school reps or alums they engage with? Why or why not?

 It is appropriate to write thank you notes to school reps or alums that you have engaged with at events if you share a meaningful exchange and have follow up questions or concerns. Be thoughtful about the content of the follow-up correspondence and be respectful of the school rep’s time. Take the cue from the rep or alum during your interaction. Often times, the rep/alum will proactively share their contact information and encourage continued correspondence.

  1. Should they follow up on any advice given by the admissions reps or alums about things to research, and then let those individuals know that they did so? Why or why not?

 Advice from admissions reps and alums is valuable, so follow up on it, if possible.  Let those individuals know, only if appropriate, and be respectful of the admissions rep or alum’s time. Think about how to weave your experience heeding their advice into your application, especially if that advice helped you in a significant way. This allows the admission committee to get to know you better while also showcasing ways in which you have interacted with the Stern community and prepared for business school.

  1. Should they follow up an info session or fair with a visit to the school itself to meet once again with the rep(s) they encountered? Why or why not?

At Stern, we conduct information sessions throughout the year. These informal sessions last approximately 60 to 90 minutes and include a friendly tour, detailed information about Stern’s MBA programs, and plenty of time for questions. Additionally, we host on and off-campus events throughout the year. You can find more information about connecting with us here.

At Stern, we do not offer 1:1 appointments with the admissions committee, however, if you would like to learn more about Stern’s MBA program or receive insight into the student life at Stern, we recommend reaching out to one of our current MBA student Graduate Ambassadors directly at [email protected].  They are more than happy to set up a time to speak by phone, in-person or email.

NYU Stern wasn’t the only school to answer these questions. If you’d like to see what the admissions teams at Berkeley Haas, Cornell Johnson, Duke Fuqua, Michigan Ross, UVA Darden, and Yale SOM had to say, head here.

Jonathan Pfeffer
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