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Navigating the MBA Waitlist: A Clear Admit MBA Podcast Replay

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With Round 1 MBA decisions rolling out, we’re revisiting a timely episode in the Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast series: Navigating the MBA Waitlist.

Unlike the black and white decisions some candidates have received in recent weeks—the coveted acceptances and the less popular rejections—we know many of you find yourselves in a murky gray area called the waitlist.

While a straight-up acceptance would obviously be preferable, we’re here to tell you that top programs really do admit a fair number of candidates off the waitlist in Round 2 and even later—so stay positive!

Beyond remaining optimistic, there are concrete things you can do—as well as things you should avoid—when it comes to navigating the MBA waitlist. This latest episode of the Clear Admit podcast, hosted by former Editor-in-Chief Jeanette Brown and produced by Contributing Editor Jon Pfeffer, features Clear Admit Co-Founder Graham Richmond breaking down just how the waitlist works and how schools use it.

He goes on from there to provide concrete advice on how you can make the waitlist work for you. Should you stay in touch with the admissions committee? How much communication is too much? Can you submit additional materials? When and what kinds of materials make sense? What about additional letters of support? Richmond will weigh in on these questions and more. If you’ve been waitlisted at any of your target schools, you won’t want to miss what he has to share.

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Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 5 Replay: Navigating the MBA Waitlist

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