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Admissions Director Q&A: Judi Byers of Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

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I mentioned, at the start of our conversation, a real focus on our class composition and the outreach and engagement that we are having with women and students from other underrepresented populations. One of the things that I am really excited about is that we have launched for this season an entire new section of our website. Within this new section, event offerings that are designed specifically to engage underrepresented students, and to call attention to the work that we are doing as a school to help students from these backgrounds find success in the MBA program and in their careers that they will go on to pursue after graduation. Now when candidates navigate to our admissions website, and they can also go directly to On that page, you will find a few different categories of events that we have for the season. These include the annual events that we host here in Ithaca, our Johnson Women in Business, as well as our Johnson Means Business for Underrepresented Students and Members of the LGBT Community.

We have also launched a series of diversity brunches and dinners. These are meant to be high impact, high engagement opportunities for prospective candidates to connect directly with members of our admissions team, and also local alumni and alumnae that are in different cities across the US.

One of the things that I am always mindful of is the touch points that candidates will have with different members of the community. This is an area where I want our alumni to get to know some of the talent that is interested in joining the MBA program. I also think it is really helpful for candidates to hear early on from some of the alumni about their experiences, the success that they have had following their time in the program.

So there are a number of different opportunities that we have throughout the fall season, where candidates can join our admissions team and alumni for different dinners or brunches.

We are also offering 20 minute consultations for women and underrepresented students to chat with a member of our admissions team about questions that they may have in regards to how best to position themselves for success in the admissions process, to learn more about the array of resources that we offer to students in the program, and to learn about some of our dual degree programs. As we continue to invest in our students and the strength of the experience that they have, some of it starts with the admissions process. So we have designed these 20 minute consults to help candidates who are applying from these two demographics to learn more about the types of experiences and resources they will have access to as MBA students at Johnson.

The next two changes are not new offerings per se, but I have found that candidates don’t know about them.

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