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Northwestern / Kellogg MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Downtown Campus

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I applied to the Spring-2019 Evening & Weekend MBA intake and my interview-slot was 10 days post application submission. My partner and I applied together and our initial interview-slots were 4 days apart but the Ad-Com was very supportive in moving their schedule around to accommodate us both on the same day, making it easier for us to plan our logistics in and out of Chicago.

I clubbed my Saturday with a class-visit in the morning and interview post-lunch. A student hosted me through the class-visit and I had good conversation with the host-student, with other students in class, and the professor.

Most students who interviewed ahead of us had one-hour interviews with Ad-Com/Alumnus but we were told on-the-spot that ours would only be 30-minute long. My partner was interviewed by Director of Ad-Com and I with an Alumnus.

The interviews are relaxed with a general flow of conversation. Ad-Com/Alumnus were very friendly and make you feel at ease before proceeding to outline the structure of conversation.

Questions in order

  1. Walk me through your resume (was asked to elaborate on few specific points – day-to-day responsibilities, nature of team and team-size you supervise)
  2. What excites you most about your current job? What are your current challenges?
  3. Tell me about a lasting impact you made at your company
  4. What is your leadership style?
  5. How do your teammates perceive you? What would they say about you?
  6. Critical feedback you recently received from your supervisor
  7. Why MBA?
  8. Walk me through your goals (post-MBA, short-term, and long-term)
  9. Why Kellogg? (Interviewers like to talk about the school and they are most excited to hear this particular response – go with a thorough response for this one)
  10. What would you participate in @ Kellogg?
  11. Put yourself in Ad-Com’s shoes and tell us what is the strongest and weakest part of your application
  12. Which courses are you most looking forward to? Which ones are you dreading?
  13. Do your plans involve commuting every weekend or relocating to Chicago in the near future?
  14. Is there anything from your application (that we haven’t covered) you would like to highlight?


At the end, I asked the interviewer a few questions about the program, career services, and her Kellogg experience. Once the interview was over, we went to chat in general about ourselves, our respective families, and Chicago.

My partner and I both received ‘admit’ calls from Ad-Com within one week our post interview.


Application Submission/Deadline: 9th Jan, 2019
Interview (and Class Visit): 19th Jan, 2019
Admission Result: 25th Jan, 2019

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