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Yale SOM MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hub

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Yale SOM MBA interview report questions were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant who interviewed off-campus.

The interview was held at a hotel (in March 2018), I went in expecting a conference room but once I opened the door it was a huge room with just a table with two chairs on one end (later I learned that it was an actual conference hall). I think I was a little nervous but the room a bit intimidating.

The interviewer was an adcom member who had traveled all the way and was interviewing candidates all day. I met a couple of them in the waiting area before my interview (nice but very accomplished blokes).

She was very nice and explained to me before we began that she had not seen my file, that she will be asking me preset questions and that she will be busy writing her comments and so I should not expect too much eye contact. She had a form with printed questions and answer boxes for her comments.


  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. Why MBA? Short-term and Long-term goals?
  3. Why now? Why Yale SOM?
  4. What extracurricular activities at Yale will you be involved in?
  5. Proudest Accomplishment? Strength and Weakness question.
  6. Explain your quote. You need to submit a quote before the interview and explain what it means to you in the interview.
  7. Do you have any questions for me?


I was not selected, maybe I was just too nervous, but there were no surprises in the interview and the adcom member made every effort to keep it very low pressure and conversational. The surprising part was just how structured the interview was; one would think that they are planning to automate the process by expanding the video interview. Also, the interview was quite short about 30 min and time just flew past. They want to keep everything very consistent so that everyone is compared fairly.

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