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Cambridge / Judge MBA Interview Report: Round 1 / Faculty / On-Campus

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I opted for an on-campus R1 interview on October 21st ’19. The night preceding the interview, the adcoms threw this amazing dinner at Queens’ College’s Old Hall which was absolutely stunning. The dinner was not assessed (at least that’s what they said) but both adcoms and current students are there for you to ask questions about. Feel free to ask them anything, especially the students.

The following morning, a cab picked us up from Westminster College (a free night stay courtesy of the adcoms for some of us) and drove us to the School. We were handed these goodie bags which contained our schedule for the day, including the interviewer’s name, which was only released on the day itself. I was lucky because I had 2 – 3 hours to research my interviewer, who is always a faculty member. Mine specialized in Entrepreneurship. Some had their interviews directly after receiving their schedules and had only around 30 minutes of research.

The questions were both standard and interesting:
1. Tell me about your career journey so far, where you want to go, and why the Judge MBA can help you get there?
2. What do you feel is the most significant invention over the last 10 years?
3. Tell me about a time in which you changed your mind after hearing the opinion of others.
4. Tell me about a time in which you were a contrarian.
5. What does leadership mean to you? (This might be specific to my background as I am a team manager)
6. Do you have any questions for me?

For each of the above questions, the interviewer asked a lot of follow up questions to delve deeper. Throughout, my interviewer’s face remained stoic. Aftet the interview, we were treated for lunch and an amazing walking tour around Cambridge.

Around 2 weeks later I received news that I was admitted. The following week I received other news that I received a very significant scholarship.

Overall it was an amazing experience. The interview felt like an intellectual discussion and the adcoms clearly gave their all to execute this event flawlessly. I have to say that the Judge MBA adcoms are one of the most responsive, helpful and friendliest adcoms out there. This spirit of collaboration cascaded also to the successful candidates as I have met some of the smartest, highly accomplished and humblest people over my couple days stay there, which was one of the biggest pull-factors for me to choose Judge as the school I will be enrolling myself into.

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