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Real Humans of Georgetown McDonough’s MBA Class of 2021

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In our latest edition of Real Humans: MBA Students, we get to know students pursuing their business management studies at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  This leading school attracts students who wish to immerse themselves in the highly connected and influential environment of Washington, DC, as well as a culture of ethical and principled leadership.

271 candidates chose to enroll in the Class of 2021 at McDonough.  Twenty-nine percent of the new students are international, and the same percentage are women.  Meanwhile, U.S. minorities represent 37 percent of the class.  During their undergraduate years, just over a quarter had studied business and 32 percent split evenly across engineering and economics.  Fifteen percent had majored in government or international studies, and another 11 percent came from math/physical science majors.  Nine percent had pursued humanities and 2 percent had studied social sciences.  The remaining 6 percent had majored in computer science or another discipline.  The new class had earned an average GPA of 3.4. In regards to their performance on the GMAT, 80 percent of the class scored between 650 and 730, with the mean score landing at 693.

After their undergraduate degrees, McDonough’s Class of 2021 earned an average of approximately 5.6 years of work experience.  Financial services and consulting were the most popular pre-MBA choices, at 18 and 14 percent respectively, but the class arrived on campus with overall diverse work experience.  Eleven percent came from tech/new media and another 9 percent had worked for the government.  Eight percent reported working in humanities pre-MBA. Seven percent have a background in non-profit/social impact work while another 7 percent had professional experience in manufacturing. Members of the class had also worked in entrepreneurship, energy/clean tech, entertainment and more.

The new students in McDonough’s Class of 2021 clearly come from different walks of life, but they were all drawn to Georgetown for the culture, community and more.  Read on for personal accounts from four Georgetown McDonough first-year MBA students to learn more about what led them to the leading business school, their advice about the admissions process and more.

Jonathan Pfeffer
Jonathan Pfeffer joined the Clear Admit and MetroMBA teams in 2015 after spending several years as an arts/culture writer, editor, and radio producer. In addition to his role as Contributing Writer at MetroMBA and Contributing Editor at Clear Admit, he was also a co-founder of the Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast. He holds a BA in Film/Video, Ethnomusicology, and Media Studies from Oberlin College.