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Yale SOM MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Skype

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The interview was blind and went for ~32 minutes.

I am an international student and was matched with another international student, which was a bit of surprise to me. She briefly explained about the nature of the interview and we jumped right in.

It seemed that she was advised to ask a list of questions and to complete the interview within 30 minutes.

1. Walk me through your resume within 30 seconds
– I had 6+ years experience, so it was definately over time.
2. Why MBA – I mentioed my career goals first.
3. Why Yale SOM
4. What was your proudest accomplishment
5. Quotes and attribution
6. My personal achievement
– it was already mentioned in question No. 5, so she started with the question saying that this may overlap your previous answer.
7. Any questions for me?

Overall, my interview experience wasn’t very good.

As English is not my first language, I first had some difficulty understanding my interviewer, who had a strong accent with which I was not familiar. Maybe it would’ve been easier if it had not been a Skype interview. Here it is me to blame.

I felt a little rushed throughout – looking back, the extra time I took to walk her through my resume may have created some time-constraint. Some questions were overlapped but still were given in a row. I ended up adding some comments on my previous answers. I was admitted anyway.

I think my interview experience with Yale SOM exemplifies both pros and cons of the interview by second-year student. Repeated questions were cons – it looked like they had to follow the given list no matter what.

Pros were I was able to learn a lot about school from her. She was very kind. SOM was the only school that requested post-interview survey and I was quite honest, marking my experience below average compared to interviews with other schools. Hope this helps – especially other international students. Best of luck.

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